Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Summary and In Conclusion...

I started this job in August and started traveling in September with the understanding that the traveling would be pretty constant until Thanksgiving.  They made good on that promise.  I smartly/stupidly did not mention my fear of flying during the interview process.  I hate flying.  Actually, no, let me clarify.  Flying is pretty awesome.  It's the fear of plummeting to my untimely death that makes my stomach dance.  Luckily, that did not happen, which is no doubt due in large part to my ritual of leaning back during takeoff, closing my eyes, white knuckling the arm rests, and repeating "Lord, please get us there safely" over and over in my head until the ding goes off alerting me that we've reached 10,000 feet.  Then I can relax.  Until we hit turbulence.  Then repeat.  This method has a 100% safe arrival success rate.  Not so crazy now, is it fellow passengers who look at me with pity?  We all made it to Pittsburgh, despite a pilot who never met an air bump he didn't like.  You're welcome. 

Anyway, I flew a lot.  Fourteen times to be exact.  I took Amtrak 3 times and made 2 road trips.  I stayed in 21 hotels.  I rented 7 cars. 

I visited about 27 schools, attended 7 law fairs and 5 law forums. 

I spent time in 25 cities, including New York, New Orleans, Houston, Williamsburg, Atlanta, Boston, Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Chicago.

I had a lot of fun. 

I'm also a little tired.


Kelsey said...

WOW you have been all over the place this fall! How cool you've been able to explore so many places, but I'm sure you're ready for a rest! Hope you enjoy your time at home :)