Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Look Up, Young Lady"

This week I'm in Pittsburgh.  I didn't plan any tourist-y things for this trip's Pittsburgh.  For whatever reason, I wasn't expecting this trip to be any big whoop and planned to stay near the hotel and take full advantage of TV and room service.  Pittsburgh, however, has convinced me to do otherwise. 

I chatted up my cab driver on the way to the hotel from the airport, which is a must do travel tip because cab drivers have the best advice about what's worth doing in their towns.  When I told him it was my first time here, he gave me the quick run down on what to do and see and he made it sound awesome.  The city should hire him for a nation-wide campaign of some sort and the people would absolutely flock. 

Afterward, I made polite conversation, but when it lulled, I went back to staring at my phone for entertainment.  We drove along in silence for quite some time.  There wasn't much to see, just trees and highway.  At some point, I vaguely noticed we were driving through a tunnel.  Then, "look up, young lady."  "What?"  "Look up!"  We emerged from the tunnel and immediately the city skyline was before us.  Totally beautiful and unexpected.  Nicely done, Pittsburgh.  Thank you, cab driver.

Who knew?  So far Pittsburgh has been charming and pleasant and actually quite pretty and I very much am looking forward to tomorrrow when I will have more time to explore.
But then, I also had to wait 2 1/2 hours for a cab today because I've been totally spoiled by cities wherein you can't spit without hitting a cab, and so was unprepared for the not-a-cab-for-miles-during-rush-hour phenomenon.  Not cool. 

Pittsburgh, I will let you make it up to me.