Friday, November 11, 2011

Venue #6

Venue #1.

Venues #2-#4.

Venue #5.

Are you guys having fun yet? 

This one could be it.  Truthfully, right now it's between this and Venue #1.  Even more truthfully, if Venue #1 was in New York, Joe and I agree it would be a done deal.  We really want to get married in New York.  But Venue #1 is so perfect.  I keep going back and forth about what wins in the end. 

I haven't been home since last Tuesday, so we haven't checked out any more places yet.  The past week and a half I did North Carolina to Atlanta to Virginia for work.  Now I'm home for three days.  On Monday I leave to do New Orleans, Houston, and then Dallas for Thanksgiving with my family.  After that, no more traveling and it'll be decision time. 

Venue #6 is in New York and is about 10 miles from Joe's hometown.  It's beautiful and cozy with amazing views surrounding.  We toured this venue the morning after the snow.  It was one of the places where guests had spent the night on the floor, and the planners were going on no sleep after spending the night at the venue and trying to recover and set up in time for another wedding.  They were still incredibly gracious and kindly took the time to show us around, but I could tell they were a little embarrassed because things were still kind of a mess.  So please overlook that in the pictures.  I think the charm and beauty shines through despite the disarray.


They will light firepits out here and we can enjoy the evening and roast s'mores!


SG said...


Kelsey said...

This is really beautiful. I'm with you though, Venue #1 is pretty amazing! You've seen some great places, it will be tough to pick. Do you plan to look at any more?

Christina said...

Yes, we're going to look at more. We've been discussing a lot what we really want for the day and debating whether to scale it down. So we want to look at some places that can accomodate a smaller wedding and see if that feels more right.

Kelsey said...

Good idea. I think the venue is the most important (and hardest) thing to pick. After that, everything else pretty much falls into place! We had a small(ish) wedding with about 50 guests, and it was awesome. Intimate, relaxed, and fun. Good luck with your search; once you get the venue the planning feels a bit easier!