Tuesday, November 1, 2011





After the power went out, we spent Saturday night in New York on my cousin Kim's pull-out couch bed, close to a cozy wood-burning stove under piles of blankets. 

We spent Sunday morning dodging fallen tree branches and power lines to keep a wedding venue tour appointment.  Once there, we learned that event managers were exhausted following a night during which 190 wedding guests had to sleep on the ballroom floor because of the storm.  No one could go anywhere, so they kept the music and food going for as long as people wanted to dance and eat.  Then the bride and groom changed clothes and hunkered down for a night sleeping on the floor with their guests.  Sounds awful, but I bet it was actually pretty magical, and a night no one will ever forget. 


Kelsey said...

I always feel so bad for people when disaster strikes right before someone's wedding, when it's way too late to change plans and you just have to go with it or cancel the whole thing altogether. Yes, I feel bad for ALL the people affected by the disaster, but it just sucks to have spent so much time and money planning your wedding only to have a tornado strike, or a hurricane, or whatever. Not cool, Mother Nature. Not cool.