Thursday, November 10, 2011

Venue #5

Venue #1 is here.

Venues #2-#4 are here.

Venue #5 is a contender.  Sort of.  I have my issues with it.  It's in New York, 16 miles from Joe's hometown.  The drive to it is idyllic, with the curvy, hilly, tree-lined roads and amazing views that I love about that part of the state. 

It's basically a big gorgeous house with sprawling grounds.  Very warm and cozy.  I love the idea of having everyone feel like they're attending an event at a grand estate, but with the coziness of feeling like you're in someone's home.  There are fireplaces in every room and lots of places for people to wander and lounge, chat and just enjoy.  It's also the least expensive option. 

Which is why it's such a shame that the only thing I don't like about this venue is the actual reception room.  I hate the chandeliers, I hate the layout of the room, I hate that the dance floor is separated from the main area, and I hate the columns dividing the room painted to look like faux marble.  This really annoys me because I adore the rest of the house.  I wanted so badly for this to be it, and maybe it still will be if I can get over those small factors, but I just don't love it completely.  Joe really loved this venue, but I think I ruined it for him when I started pointing out my issues.  Sorry, Joey.  This place is still in the running because there is so much going for it.  I am going to try to get over myself on this one. 

This is also where we were when it started to snow that weekend, so we got to see how the event planners handle the unexpected as they scrambled to come up with a plan B for that evening's wedding.  They were unfrazzled, professional, and extremely courteous.  Major points. 

There is a winding path leading from the side of the house where guests can stroll and enjoy some pretty.

The reception room.  Just not feeling it.  I also hate the mirrored wall.

Party room - this is where the dancing goes down.

Gorgeous bar.

Outdoor ceremony space.
This is my "I'm a good sport and the snow is totally not ruining my day" face.


chickster said...

Oooooo I like #5 . . and #1 - keep 'em coming!

Kelsey said...

You know, I can understand your issue with the reception room, but I really don't think the chandeliers or the columns will be a big deal on your wedding day. There are so many other great things about this venue, you know? I like it, is all I'm saying! Very nice!