Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm pretty sure the mark of an insane person is someone who willingly and voluntarily puts themselves through hell and actually pays for the pleasure.  In this category are marathon runners, the dominatrix/sadomasochist set, and people who take multiple bar exams. 

Yesterday, I registered for another round of bar prep to get me ready for the February New York bar exam.  If all goes well, and I don't die this go around, I will find out I passed in May, and with our current lease up in June, we will then have a nice, long talk about whether to move back to Joe's hometown about an hour north of NYC.  It's where he ultimately wants to be and I love it there.  So if I can't find a job I love here in Philly, we might as well head back and start building our lives there.  That is the tentative plan as of now.  Again, assuming I don't die.

Dear BARBRI: thank you, sir, may I have another?


Kelsey said...

You rocked the first one, I have no doubt that you'll do the same for the NY bar. Good luck studying :-)