Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Venues #2, #3, and #4

Venue #1 is here.

Venue #2 is in New York, about an hour and a half from NYC and about 16 miles from where Joe grew up.  It's a winery, which I've learned is different from a vineyard.  They make the wine, but don't grow the grapes.  It was lovely but they charge a $7500 site fee, which is before you even factor in catering.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Venue #3 is in Joe's hometown in New York but isn't complete yet.  They are renovating some old brick buildings and turning them into a restaurant, hotel, and event space.  It should be done by next summer.  We toured the site and saw some artist renderings of what it will look like.  It promises to be gorgeous with exactly the kind of vibe we want.  Also, getting married in Joe's hometown, where he grew up and our relationship really developed, would mean a lot to both of us.  However, new construction makes me nervous.  What if it's behind schedule or they haven't worked out all the kinks by the time our wedding comes around?  They also are asking a rather exorbitant minimum fee, which I feel is unrealistic for the town and the area.  They currently only have one wedding booked, so maybe the price will drop eventually.  But right now, it's out.  Anyway, no pictures of that because there's nothing to see yet. 

Venue #4 is it.  Probably over a year before we even got engaged, I came across this place and fell in love based on the pictures.  Since then, I've imagined the day there and based my mental planning around it. I couldn't wait to see it in person.  To make it even sweeter, they recently renovated and the place is even more beautiful than it was originally.  It's about 10 miles from where Joe grew up.  It has everything we wanted and would showcase everything I love about New York State in the Fall.  The views are amazing and they were smart enough to keep everything else elegant but minimal to highlight how beautiful the surroundings are.  However, this will have to be the "if money was no object" place of my dreams because it's just expensive enough to be out of reach, but not so outrageous as to make me resent it.  I just love it.  Joe agreed this would be it only if...

Plan B ceremony space in case of bad weather.  Or snow in October.  Normally, the cocktail space.

The intended ceremony space.  Insanely beautiful.  The camera could not capture it.

Venues #5 and #6 are actually contenders.  Coming up soon.


Kelsey said...

WOW, all of the venues you've seen so far are beautiful!!!! I love venue #2, but I'm with you on the cost... wineries are usually like that, which is disappointing, because I love the look and the vibe. Venue #4 is really, really cool. I can't wait to see 5 and 6!