Monday, November 7, 2011


This is Lily.  She's new.  Joe named her.  He's in love.

Joe will adore and take exceptional care of her, whereas my tolerance will grow to distant affection. 

As we know, Joe likes cats.  I, on the other hand, respect them out of fear.

This one, though, is growing on me.  She's awfully adorable.

Now, to get it out of my system, please enjoy some gratuitous kitten photos.  Thank you.


chickster said...

she's adorable! so glad you broke down and let a little kitten into your heart, I mean apartment =)

Kelsey said...

She is adorable, but I'm with you on cats... respect them out of fear. They scare me and I don't trust them. It's the razor sharp claws I think... *shudder*.