Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Needed That

On Friday, I hopped the train down to NYC after work to meet up with some of my college besties: Sara, Holly, and Kel.  Sara abandoned me some time ago for warmer weather and a better job opportunity in South Carolina, and though I took it as a personal attack and still bear some resentment that she put her well-being ahead of my need to be near her, I am still willing to meet her any time, anywhere, whenever she's in back in town.  That's the kind of friend I am.  Selfless.  Holly and Kel still live somewhat nearby, but I don't see them a nearly acceptable amount, which is shameful, and every time we get together we vow to change it, but then, you know, life.  But those girls are happiness, and whenever I am fortunate enough to sit across a table from their smiling faces, I walk away soul soothed.

On Saturday, I met up with my cousins and Aunt Deb, who live a mere 3 and 7 miles away, respectively.  Yet I have not seen them in weeks.  Their proximity is a huge reason why I moved here, and I miss them terribly when it's been a while, but then, you know, life.  I have to get better at seeing the people I love more often.  It's imperative to my well-being.  We all met up at Aunt Deb's, ordered pizza, and had a knitting lesson.  I have been dying to learn (in fact it is Item No. 46 on my Life List), and a neighbor recently taught my cousin so she passed on her lessons.  So far, I suck.  But TV watching is about to get so much more productive. 

On Sunday, I lounged around in my pajamas, took a shower, put my pajamas back on, and made beef chili, which is yet another item on my Fall to do list

I also think I slept a grand total of 22 hours.  That last part really makes quite a difference.