Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life List (A Work in Progress)

I've taken a stab at this before but I didn't put the thought and seriousness into it that such a project requires.  In fact, my dear friend, Miss Lauren Rose Whitney, informed me to my face that my life list sucked.  That's what friends are for - to make you plan a better life than you originally envisioned.  I've kept a running list going and have added to it whenever I get inspired by something or something new occurs to me.  So here it is, my Life List as it stands right now, in alphabetical order because that's how I roll, more to be added, I'm sure (hey buddies: please do let me know if we have any goals in common and we should totally make a plan):

1. At least once, spontaneously go on a vacation on a moment’s notice

2. Attend an Oktoberfest in Germany

3. Attend La Tomatina in Spain

4. Attend Mardi Gras as an adult

5. Attend a taping of The Ellen Show

6. Be comfortable making small talk with strangers in any situation

7. Become scuba certified

8. Build the kitchen of my dreams

9. Compete in the Pillsbury Bake-Off

10. Complete my family tree as far back as possible

11. Croissants and coffee at a café in France

12. Dance without feeling self-conscious

13. Decorate a home according to my own vision

14. Design my own line of kitchen/baking items

15. Develop/write my own recipes from scratch

16. Do a pull-up

17. Dog sledding

18. Drink a pint in an Irish pub

19. Drive an 18-wheeler

20. Finally find the perfect cut/style/products for my curly hair

21. Gallop on a horse

22. Go at least a month without TV

23. Go water skiing and actually stand up

24. Gondola ride in Venice

25. Grow my own vegetables/have a garden

26. Have a family

27. Have a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby while donning a fabulous hat

28. Have abs you can see

29. Have dinner at a Michelin rated three star restaurant

30. Have tea at a posh hotel in London

31. Host and pay for an extended family vacation

32. Indoor skydiving

33. Introduce my daughter(s) to Laura Ingalls Wilder, Louisa May Alcott and L.M. Montgomery

34. Kiss the Blarney Stone

35. Lay on a blanket under the stars

36. Lay under a cabana on a Caribbean beach, drinking something tropical

37. Learn how to surf (or at least give it a helluva try)

38. Learn more about different charities until I find one that really gets me going, then figure out how I can help and do it regularly

39. Learn to bake anything without a recipe

40. Learn to change the oil in my own car

41. Learn to dive into water head first

42. Learn to drive a stick shift

43. Learn to expertly apply my make-up, including creating the perfect smoky eye

44. Learn to French braid

45. Learn to give a really, really great massage

46. Learn to knit

47. Learn to play golf

48. Learn to play poker

49. Learn to play tennis

50. Learn to sew – hem a pair of pants, sew up a hole

51. Learn to snowboard/ski

52. Live in another country for 6 months – year

53. Make 1000 desserts

54. Make a pie completely from scratch (crust and all)

55. Make an upholstered headboard

56. Make butter

57. Make cheese

58. Make it so my mom doesn’t have to worry about money

59. Make my forever home as ‘green’ as possible

60. Make someone’s wedding cake

61. Make something on a potter’s wheel

62. Milk a cow

63. Name a daughter after my Grandma

64. Own a home

65. Own a house with a porch that invites drinking lemonade out of mason jars

66. Own a Le Creuset Dutch Oven and a fabulous stove/oven

67. Own a vacation home

68. Own land with enough room for my kids to run until they think their legs will fall off

69. Own my own bakery

70. Parasailing

71. Participate in or at the very least attend the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii

72. Pay off student loans/be debt free

73. Pay someone’s way through college who is not my own kid

74. Plant a tree

75. Play a game of roller derby and don’t get killed

76. Rappel down a cliff face

77. Road trip across the U.S.

78. Run(ish) a marathon

79. See a glacier

80. See the Northern Lights

81. See the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve in Manhattan

82. Skate at 30 Rock

83. Spend a day on a sailboat

84. Spend an evening catching fireflies with my kids

85. Spin a globe, stop it with a finger, and go wherever it lands

86. Stay in the ice hotel

87. Stomp on grapes to make wine

88. Swim with dolphins

89. Take a 16 century historical tour of the UK

90. Take a dance class

91. Take a Mediterranean cruise

92. Take a trapeze lesson

93. Take my kids to Africa

94. Take up/learn photography

95. Tell my kids all about my grandparents

96. Travel through Italy with Joe

97. Travel to:

       a. Phuket, Thailand

       b. Ireland (with Windy and Mom)

       c. United Kingdom

       d. Cape Town (again)

       e. Napa Valley

       f. Greece

       g. Chicago

       h. San Francisco

       i. Seattle

       j. Vancouver

       k. Savannah

       l. Hawaii

       m. Nashville

98. Watch a baseball game in every Major League ballpark

99. Wear a bikini on the beach without feeling the need to bring a cover-up

100. White water rafting

101. Work from home

102. Write a children’s book

103. Write a cookbook (can be just for me, doesn’t have to be published)

104. Write letters to myself on every birthday ending with an -0 to be read on the next birthday ending with an -0

105. Write the account of Pawpaw’s life he asked me to write before he died

106. Zip lining through a rainforest canopy


D&D said...

did you use the word rappel and cliff in the same sentence?

drive an 18 wheeler?

i thought i knew you...

Christina said...

Allow to me clarify:

It does not have to be a very high cliff.

I just want to drive one once, like around a parking lot. I don't want to make a career out of it or anything. I just think it would be cool to be behind the wheel of a massive truck. And maybe get on the radio and say "10-4, good buddy."

A said...

I would totally milk a cow with you and then we can make our own cheese with said milk!

Anonymous said...

If you have 10 min. to kill watch this. You're gonna wanna go here.