Monday, November 11, 2013

I Love My Family, But This Goes Down in History As One of the Most Pointless Conversations Ever

me:  Hello?

her:  You coming over?

me:  Yep, in about a half hour.

her:  Okay.  What do you want on your pizza?

me:  Whatever you guys want is fine.  I'm not picky.

her:  What do you like?

me:  My favorite is pepperoni, mushrooms, and garlic, but whatever is fine.

her:  You know toppings are extra...gets pretty expensive.

me:  Okay, whatever you want to do is fine.  Really.

her:  The toppings just really add up.

me:  I'm fine with just cheese.

her:  So just cheese then.

me:  Sounds good.  So...thanks for calling to see what I wanted on my pizza.

her:  Oh, yeah, sure.  No problem.