Thursday, August 15, 2013


Is anyone else as addicted to Bravo as I am?  And does anyone else find it as disturbing?  Is this what 20-something and 30-something ladies are like?  Do people really go their neighbor's house for a party in a limo?  Do these people not realize that the person they are talking so much shit about in their one-on-one interviews will watch the show?  How do these people not watch their own show and realize that they are assholes?  Is it wrong that I find it all so very entertaining?  And that maybe it makes me feel better about myself and my life?  Do I need to do some serious soul searching regarding Bravo being my barometer against which to measure moral superiority?  Is this too many questions?

Also?  Honey Boo Boo.  I love me some Honey Boo Boo.  It is a source of pride with me that I don't need the subtitles.  I know these people.  I grew up with these people.  I understand these people.  These are my people.  Mableton, Georgia, home to most of my childhood summers, not so very different from McIntyre, Georgia, home to Honey Boo Boo.  Joe finds the show horrifying.  I find it comforting and familiar.

Also?  Sister Wives.  I have so many questions.  What do they all do for a living?  Did all the wives change their last name legally to Brown?  Why would one think marketing sister wives jewelry would be a viable business when there are so few ladies in the market for such products?  How does health insurance work when you have so many kids and 4 wives?  I know the sex issue is the first thing that people typically wonder about, but I'm way more intrigued by the sheer logistics of it all. 

Then I go to bed, wake up, and go to work.  And that has been my summer.