Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Wedding - The Venue

The wedding photos are here!  The wedding photos are here!  Our photographer captured our day so beautifully and perfectly.  I'm so excited to finally share.

First up, the venue. 

We got married and celebrated and spent our wedding night at the Bedford Post Inn in Bedford, New York.  It's an 18th century farmhouse which has been beautifully restored into two restaurants, a yoga loft, and an 8-room inn.  The Inn's claim to fame is that Richard Gere is a co-owner, but that was just a cool bonus.  I wanted our venue to feel elegant, intimate, and cozy and I had this vision of getting married in front of a fireplace. When we set foot at the Inn, we both knew this was it.  It's the kind of place that rises to meet you and we knew our guests would be charmed and we would feel at home.  It was everything we wanted.
Tomorrow: getting ready.