Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting Ready

I started the day with brunch at the Inn with my bridesmaids, my mom, a few of my cousins, and two of my brothers.  Then it was straight up to meet the hair and make-up ladies and get the show on the road.  Arranging the day so that brunch, hair & make-up, getting dressed, pictures, the ceremony, the reception, and the wedding night were all at the same place is probably one of the smartest things I did.  Once I was there and everyone else was there, we could just settle in.  No logistics or cars or will everyone make it on time to worry about. 

Getting ready with my mom and my bridesmaids was almost as exciting to me as getting married.  I felt so surrounded by love and support and laughter and I was so taken care of.  You need water?  I got it.  Forgot something in your car?  On it.  Need me to relay a message to the event manager?  I'll find her.  Oh, shit, I forgot!  No worries, already thought of that and took care of it.  They were amazing.  And beautiful.  Holy smokes, those girls knocked me out.  I knew my friends were gorgeous, but come on.  They were otherworldly lovely that day.

My maid of honor, Sheridan, has been my dearest friend since 7th grade.  Kathryn has been my bestie since just after my freshman year of high school.  Sara has been my soulmate since college.  And my cousin Laura has been light in my life for the longest, not to mention she introduced Joe and I and gets credit for the whole shebang.  Getting them all together, seeing them make each other laugh, and join together so effortlessly made my heart feel so full.  Love and light.  Really the only way to describe it.

Also wonderful was spending the day with my brother Matthew, who let us take over his room at the Inn until mine was ready and who used his many years of experience working in the fashion industry in NYC to give me great advice and save the day on more than one occasion.  Planning this wedding with him so close by made me feel like his little sister in the best way possible. 

And my sweet mama, who despite looking like she's fighting back tears in nearly every photo, actually held up very well.  She and I ducked into the bathroom together and she alone helped me slip my dress on.  Perfect.






So when I was cruising blogs for wedding inspiration, it would drive me nuts when I would find something perfect in a photo and there was no mention of where it was from.  If you see something, just ask.
Bridesmaid dresses: JCrew (color is misty rose)
The monogrammed robes were my gift to the girls.  They were from JCPenney but are no longer available.
Hair and make-up was by Beauty by Nicole, and not only are Nicole and Johanna insanely talented, but they are incredibly professional and also really fun to hang out with.  Could not recommend more highly.
Photographs by the amazing Karen Hill.
Tomorrow: first look and photo shoot. 


LWhits said...

Such gorgeous photos! My fav might be you looking in the mirror, can see the excitement in your smile. Also, those bathrobes for the ladies are too cute.

SG said...

Thank you for not posting the pic of Sheridan trying to zip me into my dress.

Christina said...

What do you mean "try"? It zipped and you were beautiful! And you're welcome. :-)