Monday, April 15, 2013

What's Up

Apparently I suck at blogging now.  But you already knew that. 

My week is full and my weekends are lazy and that's pretty much all I have to report.  I haven't talked very much about how being a new, baby lawyer is going since I reported starting the new job

There are several reasons for that: 1) writing online about your job is generally a bad idea; 2) this blog isn't anonymous - I have in the past attached my name to it and the last thing I need is for a client to run a Google search and find here not only what I think about my cat, but also my struggles with finding my way as a new attorney; and 3) I've been so busy working my ass off that I haven't spent much time actually forming thoughts about said work during my time off. 

It's been pretty awesome and pretty terrifying and pretty rewarding and pretty doubt-inducing and pretty confidence-boosting all in one glorious, exhausting package.  The hours are long (today was an 11 hour day, for example) and there are days when I leave thinking I totally got this and there are days I leave thinking I'll never get this.  Lawyers get trained by doing.  Which means that way before you feel like you're ready you'll be heading into court to argue and object and interject and try your very best to get a good result.  Sink or swim.  And just when you think, "surely, they don't expect me to be the one who..." is exactly when you learn that yes, yes they do. 

I'm learning so much and asking so many questions and I'm loving it.  I don't love the terror and sheer panic parts but I love coming out alive, braver, and more capable than I was when I went in.  I love feeling myself growing and getting better.

That's about as vaguely specific as I can be about that.  It's 99% of my life right now, but I can't talk about it here really.  And that's why I haven't had much to say here lately. 

The remaining 1% is television, sleep, and Joe, in that order.