Monday, February 25, 2013

A Million Moments

One of the reasons I've kept this blog going is simply because I'm aware of its value to me personally as a time capsule.  It's such an incredible gift to be able to have the last four years of my life captured here.  I'm guilty of having a terrible long-term memory.  Details of the past get fuzzy and memories lose their vitality, but here is my proof that these things happened and this is my life.  So even if no one out there reads another word, I think I would keep right on writing here when I could.  It has that much value to me.

Which is why even though I will give myself a pass since life has been so incredibly hectic and all-consuming lately, I do regret that I haven't been better about writing here during this time.  The last 4 months have been consumed by starting my career and planning a wedding and there has been time for little else.  That period of my life will be over in less than two weeks when my wedding day comes and goes. 

Constructing this day from the ground up has been pretty amazing.  I've never had the pleasure and frustration of designing every single aspect of something so important before and every decision has weighed heavily and been maddening while also making me crazy happy.  I haven't always been good at the joy-finding aspect of it, sometimes a million details that all have to be attended to at once can really rob the joy from an experience, but I've tried. 

My support system, my family and my closest friends, are so far away, and so Joe and I have really made every choice ourselves without influence or distraction.  I just hope that our intention is felt and the day is as magical as we hope it will be. 

I'm so excited for our wedding, but I'm also really excited for what comes next.  The settling into life part.  It feels like I've been waiting for that for a really long time.  We have so many things on the "after the wedding" list that I can't wait to get to.  Sometimes it has been a struggle to stay present, but I'm trying to do that better too.  Two more weeks.