Monday, March 11, 2013

We're Married!

We had a dreamy weekend and a magical day.  I have to wait almost 8 weeks for the photos (it quite possibly might kill me) but in the meantime, here's a glimpse.  I am so filled with love and gratitude and awe for our friends and family who made this experience what it was.  We are so blessed.
We came home to an apartment filled with candles, a bed fully made with every single item from our registry we wanted for our bedroom (sheets, duvet, feather comforter, pillows, quilt, shams, throw blanket, memory foam mattress pad), a fridge stocked with fruit, cheese, fresh squeezed orange juice, and champagne.  From my mama and set up by my sweet cousins, Kimmy and Laura.  Blessed, I tell you.  And grateful.  Like whoa.


LWhits said...

That's awesome!!! Sounds like it was lovely and perfect. Congrats!

You Know. said...

I wanna know how you got that letter from the white house?!

Christina said...

You have to be on a super secret list of important people. Or you just send the White House a wedding invitation and a few weeks later you get that card back.