Friday, February 1, 2013


me:  Are we doing anything for Valentine's Day this year?

Joe:  Uh, yeah, I'm marrying you.

me:  That's my gift?

Joe:  Yep.  That's it.  Our anniversary is going to be too close to Valentine's Day, I didn't think this through.  You're going to have to pick one or the other every year.

me:  We'll just switch off who plans each day.  You take one, I'll take the other.

Joe:  Okay, this year you take Valentine's Day because I am exhausted from planning this wedding.

me:  I'm sure it is a lot of work saying "whatever you think we should do" over and over.  I think we should at least make reservations somewhere.  I'll do it.

Joe:  No, no, I'll make the reservations.  I was already planning to do it.

me:  So you're going to make a plan then?

Joe:  Sure, I've got this.  When is it? 


LWhits said...

Ahahahaha classic Joe.