Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Grumpy Gus

The last few days have been unpleasant.  First I found out the first huge check I wrote to our wedding venue bounced.  Because my bank processed some things out of order so when the check cleared, I was overdrafted by $5.  I've never bounced a check in my life and the very first one is the first substantial check to our wedding venue.  MOR-TI-FY-ING.  I immediately called them before they even realized it themselves and gave them my debit card number so we could handle it directly, but it was just not the first impression I wanted them to have of my ability to pay them. 

Joe has had a horrible cough for a week and the poor guy hacking up a lung in the middle of the night has kept me from getting a decent night of sleep for a while.  I'm sure it's unpleasant for him too because I've found him asleep on the couch several mornings exhausted from coughing all night. 

Now it's my turn.  I've had a cold for three days and it feels like I wake up every hour on the hour every night.  I'm tired and sick, which intensifies my anxiety over the wedding stuff.  Actually, no, I'm not anxious about the wedding.  I'm anxious about paying for the wedding.  No matter how carefully you budget or how good your intentions are, everything wedding-related is more expensive than you think it's going to be.  Thinking about it all and doing the math in my head and fretting and worrying makes it hard to fall asleep and between Joe's cough and my cold, staying asleep has also been impossible. 

My birthday is this weekend and hopefully I'll feel better, but right now I just want to put on fuzzy socks and curl up under the covers and stay there forever and ever.