Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm So Happy For You! (Alternatively: Don't Go!)

On Friday night, I took the train down to NYC to spend the night with my buddy Sara.  She just got a job offer in Charleston and she's leaving me and New York to start a new adventure.  I'm very, very happy for her, but that didn't stop the tears from coming on my drive home from work the day she told me.

We met in college and knew immediately the other was a kindred spirit.  Since then, she has sent me cards of inspiration and full of laughs whenever something good or bad happened in my life, she's vowed to hate forever anyone who slighted me, she took my resume and sent it out to anyone and everyone she thought could help multiple times when I was job hunting, every time we see each other she opens her arms wide for a big hug, and any time anything is wrong she listens intently and endlessly and then immediately jumps into fix it mode, whether it's volunteering her mother to put her calligraphy skills to use on my wedding invitations (thanks Phyllis!) or whether it's jumping on a train to Philly or Beacon because I need a friend.

She loves with her whole heart.  It's pretty incredible.  I'm just going to miss having her a train ride away so much.  She is the kind of friend everyone needs and everyone deserves.

I love you, my buddy.  Just be yourself.  Everyone will love you.


SG said...

And I'm crying...again. I love you!

LWhits said...