Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Odds & Ends

I think I have a summer cold.  I have a sore throat and a generally achy body.  So between that and spending my days avoiding Twitter and the entire Internet at all costs lest I stumble across an Olympics spoiler, there's not much going on right now.  Is it too much to ask that we take a nation-wide poll pre-Olympics and agree that no one says anything about anything until primetime?  This and the color of my tonsils are my primary concerns at the moment. 

I don't think I've ever mentioned here before that Joe is in IT.  When something breaks, he has this strange brain that drives him to take it apart, even if he's never worked on such a device before, whereas I am normal and am driven to call someone or get a new one.  Luckily, 9 times out of 10, when he takes all the guts out of a broken Xbox or some such thing and puts them back after working some magic, the device comes back to life.  I don't know how he just knows how to do it.  It is beyond my comprehension.

He has started building custom computers for people in his spare time.  He agreed to do the first one never having built one before because he just knew he could.  Again, this is beyond my comprehension.  This is all well and good and impressive and all, except this is what our apartment looks like when he's working:

The above is Exhibit A explaining why I desperately wanted a second bedroom or some office space when we recently moved.  Even Lily is annoyed.  You can't tell from the picture below, but moments before it was taken she sighed deeply and rolled her eyes. 

He orders all the parts and then builds from the ground up.  I'm just so in awe as to how someone does this.  Our brains are totally different.  I'm all verbal and he's all technical.  I want to express and he wants to fix.  This is at times maddening, but most of the time it's sort of fascinating to be with someone who sees the world in a completely different way. 

Finished product (minus the side panel, of course).  I think he might be smarter than me, which is pretty unsettling.

In other completely unrelated news, I've talked about bras for the chestularly-blessed before, but not sports bras.  Sports bras are tricky, because if you have large breasts, then you know it is absolutely essential that those suckers DO NOT MOVE during a workout, and very few sports bras I've come across are up for the task.  Even if you don't have big boobs, you know we've all seen the girl at the gym in the not-quite-supportive-enough bra bouncing on the treadmill and that should never, never be.  Never.  I am in love with the Enell sports bra.  It's comfortable, provides full unrelenting support, and, trust me, you can jump rope in this thing and the girls will remain locked and loaded.  I have the Enell Sport, which is their sturdier version because I don't play when it comes to bouncers.  Sizes range from a 32C to a 52DD.  You heard me.  If you're questioning whether you really need a sports bra this sturdy, then do me a favor: stand up straight and look straight down.  If you can't see your toes then you just answered your question.  Solidarity, sister.