Monday, July 30, 2012

So, So Many Hills

Yesterday my cousin Kim called and asked if I wanted to go to yoga with her and her sister, Laura.  My first instinct was yes, followed quickly by absolutely not.  I do love yoga, but it has been ages since I've been and a 75 minute advanced class did not seem like the best way to reintroduce myself.  Also, yoga classes are typically a pretty expensive habit and I'm all about free sources of exercise these days. 

Ultimately though, it was my usual insecurities that made me want to skip it.  Laura and Kim are gorgeous skinny-minis and there's something about being next to someone who has three kids and yet still has a body I envy that doesn't quite make me eager to hit some downward-facing dog next to said person in a public setting.  However, I identified that this was the real reason I didn't want to go, and so true to my efforts to be more open and less uptight and to say yes more, I said I would go.  I wanted to go.

Kimmy lives a very, very hilly 1.5 miles from the yoga studio and they intended to walk/run there from her house (of course they did), do 75 minutes of yoga, and then walk/run back.  The only reason I thought I could pull this off was because I had gone walking/running with Laura or with Joe 5 out of the last 8 days.  Which naturally means I'm in shape and can do anything.  Though if given the choice I like to run flat.  Or downhill.  I'm really, really good downhill. 

So we went, horrifying hills and all, and I only thought I might die 3 times.  When we got to the yoga studio, there was a sign up saying classes were cancelled because the instructor was ill.  I was slightly disappointed, but mostly okay with this.  Then Kim remembered a new studio had gone in 4 blocks over and suggested we head over there to see if they might be having class that night.  We walked over to check it out.  They weren't having class, but it was open for a workshop so we peeked in and introduced ourselves to the owner.  Turns out it's a gorgeous studio and instead of charging a ridiculous amount for class like most, they only request a $5 suggested minimum donation.  Hello meant to be. 

I got a good workout in with people I love and made a discovery that will serve me well.  I'm headed to class later today.  Being more open and less uptight is going okay so far.

Though now Kim wants us to do a 3-day juice fast together so I'm probably not going to hang out with them anymore.

More importantly, I've gone running 6 times now in the last 9 days and I already have 6 blisters and a wrenched knee.  It only hurts when I move it.  So this runner's high everyone talks about...any day now?  Or is it just what they call the joy of realizing at least you're still alive when you get home barely able to move?


SG said...

Whoa I'm impressed. If you start running marathons and whatnot though we are no longer friends. Love you. Keep it up!

Kelsey said...

Wow, this is amazing! Good for you!!! Just be careful with the running... It's really easy to jump in and do too much too fast (because you're all motivated and feeling good) but this can cause injury in the long run. I say this because I've done it myself, several times, learn from my mistakes! To ease into it you could find a training plan online for beginning runners, like maybe a Couch to 5K. The plan takes all the figuring out of your hands, all you have to do is follow it! Just listen to your body and take rest days when you need to. Best of luck!

Kelsey said...

Oh, and blisters. SO painful!! You know what works for me is wearing socks that are synthetic, not cotton (you can find them at a running store) and also putting Goldbond (or something similar) into my socks before I run. That's key! It keeps my feet dry and prevents blisters. Maybe it'll work for you!

LWhits said...

Rest days are important too especially when your body is being shocked by all that exercise!

And I'd like to point out SG didn't disown me for running marathons so the sky is still the limit!

Christina said...

Thanks for all the support and tips!

Sara, I'll keep you posted. A marathon is on my Life List, but I probably didn't really mean it.