Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Not Technically a Compromise if the Other Person Never Agrees, JOE

We have a place to live!  Such a relief.  That was like Item 2 on the list of 19 things stressing me out.  Yes, I put them in order of stress induction from greatest to least.  How do you make lists?

You would think that I could cross an item off now, but that is not how my brain works, friends.  Instead, I will merely replace "find place to live" with "fret over never having seen place where I will live."  Because I have never seen it.  If you know nothing about me, then let me tell you now that this is not how I customarily roll.  I need to know things, I need to plan things, I need to visualize furniture placement.  Need to.

Joe chose this place of his own accord because my master plan of perpetually refreshing Craigslist until the perfect place miraculously appeared was not going so well.  Which, okay fine, I realize we need a roof over our heads, but holding out for some crown molding and hardwood floors and laundry-in-unit never hurt anyone.  Said the crazy lady with no place to live.

So I will see our new apartment when we drive up in the moving truck on Friday.  I'm disappointed that the house thing didn't work out, but Joe says this place is on the first floor, has its own private entrance and has a patio surrounded by grass and facing lots of trees.  I'm told there's plenty of storage and a nice kitchen.  Plus, it's only three miles from my cousins and very close to Joe's friends and family, which is the reason we're moving in the first place.

I was also told laundry is in the next building over and there's carpet and there's only one bedroom.  I only protested and refused to live there for a mere 48 hours or so.  Then I saw reason and agreed.  By agreed, I mean Joe put down the security deposit over my protest, and by saw reason, I mean I didn't have a choice.  It is really hard to get your way when you're in another state.

It's not really about hardwood floors and a second bedroom.  It was just about wanting to feel like I was moving forward in at least one area of my life.  Our wedding is postponed indefinitely and the job hunt is ongoing so being able to be done with apartment living felt like it could be some sort of tangible life progress I could get excited about.  We just couldn't find something that would work and be budget-friendly in time.  It's okay.  Sort of.

I really hope I love it.  Joe really, really hopes I love it.