Monday, May 21, 2012

So This Is Happening...

I still don't know where exactly we're moving.  Joe's on it.  Since he's already in New York and grew up in the area where we're hoping to move and I'm not and didn't, I've been sending him links to places I deem acceptable and he's been advising me on whether they're too far from our target area or in good/bad neighborhoods, and then doing drive-by quality checks and following up with would-be landlords.  I'm over apartment living, so we're hoping for a small house or townhouse or duplex this time if we can swing it.  Something that feels a little less 25 & 28 and a little more 28 & 31. 

In the meantime, I've been doing this:

Packing, clearing, sorting, tossing, recycling, donating.  Thank heaven for former bosses at retail stores who save boxes from inventory shipments for you and give you a heads up when Staples has a sale on bubble wrap. 

I sort of can't believe this is real.