Friday, January 6, 2012

As If I Have Time for Distractions

My latest obsession?  Type in a name, any name, scroll down, click the link, and reveal his/her net worth.  Trivial, a serious waste of time, probably inaccurate, and seriously addictive.  I don't care so much about the big time celebs.  I know they're rich. 

It's learning that Melissa Joan Hart is worth $14 million (explain that, Clarissa), or that Dustin Diamond has $500,000 to his name (sort of surprised it's that much), or that Bob Vila is worth $25 million (hammering all the way to the bank, Bob), or that NeNe Leakes is worth $3.5 million (she's rich, bitch) that I find endlessly fascinating. 

And also depressing: Sherri Shepherd is worth $10 million.  Let's all exclaim a collective WTF on that one. 

I am so in the wrong field.