Thursday, January 5, 2012

This Photo = My Life

via Brooklyn Bride
This Save the Date = genius.

As a quick wedding update, I have a very serious wedding venue contender.  I've already negotiated terms I'm comfortable with and all that is waiting is my pull the trigger courage.  We will likely be making a final decision by next weekend. 

We're planning to look at two more first though.  I just feel I would be remiss if I didn't check out at least a couple places in NYC proper (home of my alma mater and where several beloveds currently live).  Once we see them and I've fallen in love, and once I've recovered from clutching my pearls over the prices, and once I've walked out loudly whispering to Joe that they can go fuck themselves, and once my mind races with oh what could have been, we will likely call Serious Contender and announce ourselves ready to sign.  Unless I waver.  I could very well waver.  My sanity is not my strongest trait at the moment. 

I received this book in the mail today as a gift from Kelsey.  A gift that is at once ever so kind, incredibly thoughtful, and entirely necessary.  Thanks, Kelsey!  I can't wait to feel better.  (The book is based on the A Practical Wedding blog.  Kelsey's own wedding was featured on the site here.  So cool.)

TRUE STORY:  Joe just walked into the room, found me writing this blog post instead of listening to my bar prep lecture and before he said a word, I shrieked "I'm being pulled in a lot of different directions!  I have a lot of obligations!" 

To which he silently walked to the computer, took the mouse, maximized the lecture on the screen, and silently walked out. 

This is only Day 3.

I have to go.