Monday, September 26, 2011


Me:  Do you have any idea where my navy blue cardigan is?

Joe:  Weren't you wearing it when I picked you up at the airport last night?

Me:  No.

Joe:  Wait, what the hell's a cardigan?

Me:  A sweater that buttons up.

Joe:  That's not what you were wearing last night?

Me:  No.  That was a hoodie.  And it wasn't navy blue.

Joe:  Is that it on the chair?

Me:  No.  That's yours.  And it's also not navy blue.

Joe:  ...

Me:  Just say you don't know.

Joe:  I don't know.

Me:  Thank you.


D&D said...

you're not teaching him well. cardigans are a very complex subject.

Christina said...

I know, but considering dude can build a working computer from spare parts, but can't readily identify navy blue, I didn't want to overwhelm him with the vast world of cardigans. I am likewise grateful when he doesn't go in depth about the exciting world of computer circuits.