Friday, August 26, 2011


Given that the East Coast must have recently really, really pissed someone off, we are experiencing and anticipating some eventful weather in these here parts.  Here in Philly, we've already had the wettest August on record.  We've had rain and thunderstorms 2-3 times a week it feels like, and temperatures have been uncharacteristically low (I am not complaining about this part).  On Tuesday, we had an earthquake.  This weekend, there will be a hurricane. 

It's a little nerve wracking.  Given that I had a harrowing near-miss experience on Tuesday when the earthquake hit (I was getting a manicure in anticipation of starting the new job, and had we actually felt the earthquake at the nail salon, the lady might have had to do that finger over), I am determined to be more prepared for the upcoming hurricane. 

The extent of this is that I consulted my renter's insurance policy this morning to make sure I am earthquake and hurricane and locust (it's only a matter of time) covered.  What I discovered is that I am not covered in the event of flood (from outside) or earthquake.  Nor am I covered in the event of war, nuclear event, or volcano.  Well.  What the hell have I been paying $11/month for?

I read the policy very closely to be sure.  I am fairly certain I am covered if the earthquake causes a fire which destroys everything or if hail and/or wind causes a hole in the wall and/or roof and then the water gets in and destroys everything but I am not covered if said holes are not caused by hail and/or wind but instead are caused by tsunami.  Those are what we call loopholes.  My law degree is totally paying off.