Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer. Gross.

I realize many of you enjoy summer.  I realize to you it means the beach and lemonade and flip-flops and sun dresses and sunshiny rainbowed happiness.  To me, it just means it's hot.  It's humid, being outside is unpleasant, my electric bill has jumped $50 in one month, my hair needs twice as much product to be tamed, I have to rush directly home from the grocery store lest everything frozen instantaneously melt.  Also, there seems to be a lot more stickiness in summer.  I don't care for stickiness, generally speaking. I thus become irritable, moody and quick to anger.  We've already had more 90+ days than are acceptable for so early in the summer and I feel this is unfair.  July and August are miserable enough.  Hellish heat can't have June too.  But given that I am feeling generally grateful lately and have a lot to be happy about, I am trying to identify things I actually like about this uncomfortable time of year in the hopes that if I distract myself, October will get here really, really soon.

This hatred of heat also extends to hot showers.  I'm telling you, this derision is all-encompassing.  I like my showers on the hot side of warm, anything more intense and my feeble constitution needs an ice water.  My new favorite thing after a shower is to slather myself in Gold Bond Extra Strength Medicated lotion.  My skin is neither super dry nor itchy, I just love the way it feels all cool and tingly and menthol-y.  So refreshing and perfect after your shower on a hot, miserable, sticky, sweaty day.

My new favorite summer drink - coconut water on ice with a splash of pineapple.  Summery, delicious, and good for you.

I didn't think it could get any better, but sometimes Joe has very good ideas.

Speaking of Joe, he bought himself a new toy about a month ago in the form of a charcoal grill.  He's grilled out on the balcony about twice a week since.  I fully support this and am willing to admit it is a part of summer I can get behind.

Balsamic BBQ chicken, grilled asparagus with lemon and grilled pineapple makes a damn fine meal.

Warm mini blackberry pie with homemade sweetened whipped cream.  I do like summer berries, in pastry form and otherwise.

I also do like baseball games.  Anything that offers cheering, cold beer and cotton candy is worth it.  If I can sit in the shade.

That's really the most I can muster so far.  Would all of these things be equally enjoyable if it was only 70 degrees or cooler?  Yep, pretty much.  Am I trying to grow as a person here by putting a positive spin on this hateful season?  Sure.


militarywomenspeak said...

OMG, I am with you... There are so many great things associated with summer, it seems like a sin to complain about it, but the HEAT. I can't STAND it! Actually, it's more the humidity than the heat. That alone is enough to send me back to San Diego. That plus the bone chilling cold of winter? Get me the HELL out of here. I don't know why the East Coast is as populated as it is.

Christina said...

Sorry, Kels, you're talking to the wrong girl about winter cause I love it. And nothing beats an east coast fall. I couldn't live on the west coast cause I'd miss the seasons too much. A 70 degree Christmas just isn't the same. But totally with you on the humidity.