Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The problem with having your birthday two days before Christmas is that when you have a growing wish list in June...well you will never have those things.  Because you will forget all about them by December, and also there's the whole problem of I want them now!  Petulance is sexy, right?  Here are some items on my current wish list.  Let's pretend it's 5th grade and we still celebrate half-birthdays.

A food processor is my next must-have kitchen gadget (along with a really awesome chef's knife) and this is the one Smitten Kitchen uses, which means that it cannot come more highly recommended.  Girlfriend makes fantastic dishes in a teeny kitchen and says she cannot live without this tool.  Me either!

I still really want this coverlet and shams.  It doesn't help that one of my favorite photography bloggers often uses it as a prop, making it look as irresistible as the cute babies/children/families she captures.  I've been wanting to redo the bedroom for quite some time now, and the bed is where I want to start.

As long we're getting the coverlet, we might as well get this duvet from West Elm to put over it.  Seems reasonable.

I recently scored seasons 1 & 2 of Will & Grace at Target for only $7.99 (for the pair!).  I only need seasons 3 & 4 to complete my collection of my favoritest show.  Of course, since the day is coming that I will need to upgrade everything to blu-ray the point is almost moot.  So very annoying.

A cake decorating class at the Viking Cooking School (as in the stoves).  It's right up the road and I've been dying to take a class there.  Or the macaroons & whoopie pies class.  Or the French steakhouse cooking class.  Seriously, I'm not picky.

My most recent obsession?  Michael Kors watches.

I want this one.  I LOVE the navy on gold.  Blue, specifically dark blue, is my favorite color.
I also wouldn't kick this one out of bed.
Wait, I want this one.

So all three, then?  Deal.

Or maybe I shouldn't get too attached?  You're probably right.


d&d said...

walmart makes the exact ripoff of that west elm set!

chickster said...

Yay an updated wish list! I almost gave you an item on your Dec'09 WL, but thought a purse might be better. I STILL miss my food processor stuck in storage/shipping! A very worthwhile investment - really all of those things are.