Friday, July 15, 2011


I have had problem skin since my freshman year of high school and have been using Proactiv ever since.  It's the only thing that works.  I've gone off it before with disastrous results, and am a little afraid to go off it again to see if my skin has improved or will now be calm with something more mild.  There just really is no convenient time to risk looking like you have chicken pox, you see, since there are annoyingly always people in public with eyes.

Ironically, the clearest my skin has ever been since I was 14 was during the 6 weeks I spent in a clear, crisp, cool mountain village in Lesotho, Africa before my senior year of college.  I knew there would be no running water, no electricity, and no way to wash my face or bring the Proactiv, and I was fully expecting my face to explode as a result.  I packed 6 weeks worth of Clearasil cleansing wipes so I could clean my face without water.  I also made room in the one suitcase I was allowed for tons of concealer.  Vanity travels. 

Despite no Proactiv and not even being able to shower, my skin was gorgeous, completely clear, it glowed even.  When I got home, I figured I was done with the Proactiv forever and kept using the wipes, but within days of being back in NYC, my skin erupted.  I had never considered before that environment and pollution, etc. could have such a huge impact on my skin.

I have no plans to move to Lesotho anytime soon, so I will have to make due with what I can find that works on this continent.  So I'm so excited to see more and more organic, pure skin products available, because it just makes sense that you would only want to put what is clean and pure on your skin. 

Sprout products are on my next to buy list when what I'm currently using runs out.  I love that it's organic, local and sustainable.  I can't wait to try it and show some support for something I think is a really good thing.  I'm also excited to see if something completely all-natural and chemical free makes a difference.

P.S. I'm currently using Kiehl's Rosa Arctica moisturizer and their Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser (both gifts from my mama) as my morning routine, and have noticed a complete change in the texture of my skin.  So much smoother and softer.  I still use the whole Proactiv three step system at night before bed.  I still break out, but it's much less often and only one or two at a time rather than my entire face. I'll take what I can get.

[I am posting links each day over the next couple of weeks to things I adore/am inspired by/want to do, while I am otherwise occupied studying for the bar exam.  See you soon.]


Anonymous said...

While none of your posts discussed it, I'm assuming at some point or another you went to see a dermatologist?

I had horrible acne in high school and while it calmed down in my 20s, it still requires a lot of maitenance.

Compared to the cost of proactiv, some of the prescription strength meds that I was prescribed over the years (all topical stuff) is actually cheaper-- $10 or $20 copays depending on whether there is a generic version available.. also depends on your insurance. And, since I've been on it so long, I just have it automatically renewed and only have to go for a drs appointment like once every 3 years.

Christina said...

I did go see a dermatologist several times in high school, but nothing they did ever worked as well as Proactiv. I've gone back once or twice since for other things but haven't asked them to prescribe anything for my face because it's mostly under control. Once I have better insurance/live in one place long enough to have a regular doctor, it'll be on the To Do list, though!