Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It Feels Like Goodbye

The bar exam is in two weeks.  While this makes me want to concentrate solely on anything but the bar exam, because such is my way, logically I should probably hunker down and get to it.  But what about you?  Is that what you're thinking?  What will you spend your time doing for approximately 5 minutes every two days or so?  How will you go on if I selfishly try to learn things I will never need to actually use in practice? You raise some valid concerns.  I have thought about this.  I have a plan, you! 

I am pretty much a regular on these here internets, and have found them to generally be a wide and varied source of information, entertainment and amusement.  I save sites/posts in my favorites waiting for the rainy day when I will bake those cookies or have children or plan a wedding or decide to fight every natural disposition I have to absolutely suck at it and actually take up crafting.  Any day now.  So, I have decided to concentrate on the bar these two weeks and utilize the hard work of other people to make you want to keep coming here!  So sneaky.  But everybody wins, you see. 

So I will link up to some things I enjoy each day over the next two weeks, and maybe pop in every once in a while if I just can't help myself.  I hope that's okay. 

In case I don't make it through the next 14 days, let me just say that I love you.  Always have.  As I recently wrote in an email to a friend, it's wonderful to know I have lots of people who will take me in if I end up homeless, wandering the streets muttering something about adverse possession.  It really, really is.