Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Wednesdays suck.  It is my longest day of the week.  Once I get through Wednesday, the rest of the week feels like gravy.  I work at the firm all morning and then have about 4 hours of classes.  I spend my train time getting downtown and back on Tuesdays and Wednesdays doing as much reading for classes as I can.  The first car of every train is a Quiet Ride car on weekdays and it is my best friend.  Here's Wednesday:

6:45 - this is bullshit. 

7:17 - out of bed.  Whirlwind getting ready session follows.  Way too early to make a hot breakfast so throw some banana, almonds, peanut butter and grapes into some tupperware for later.  There is always time for coffee.  Thank the good Lord for travel mugs.

8:03 - train downtown

8:40 - eat my tupperware breakfast at my desk

1:00 - eat takeout lunch at my desk.  Salad with cucumber, broccoli, grapes, carrot, parmesan, and salmon with a roasted red pepper vinaigrette.

1:45 - train to school.  Read for my Comparative Law class.  Realized I was doing my very last assigned reading of law school.  Holy cow wow. 

2:40 - class - Comparative Law.  Normally I would have about a 45 minute break after this class and then have two hours of Poverty Law, but our professor cancelled class due to the Jewish holiday this week so I was free by 4:00.  I intended to go to the library and get some pre-finals work done, but then I realized I could go home and watch Oprah.

4:00 - Oprah.  She only has 25 episodes left.  I am more emotional about this than graduation.  And yes, I did immediately donate $25 to Invisible Children following the show as she requested.  Here's the link.  I'm not suggesting you should do the same.  If you want to defy Oprah, God, and your own humanity and also think being a child soldier is a valuable experience that instills discipline then I guess not donating is also a valid choice. 

5:30 - Joe was hungry so we had an early dinner.  He made brown rice and sauteed chicken, mushroom, broccoli and onion in a yellow curry sauce.  So yum.  He's been off from work the last two days and my tummy is quite happy about it. 

6:40 - no gym today.  It was uncharacteristically 80 degrees and sunny today so we headed to a nearby trail for a walk/sprint/jog session.  Quite easily the highlight of my day.  That's not even sarcastic.

Whew.  We just made it.

Can I tell you how pretty this is in fall?  SO pretty.

Look how fast I am!

Please Stay On Trail.  His utter disregard for authority makes me quiver.
8:00 - shower

8:30 - began an extended evening of TV watching and snacking on grapes and lime popsicle.  I had no idea I ate so many grapes in the course of a day.  This tracking my days is a very valuable exercise in learning about one's self.


Kristin said...

I love these posts! I'm always interested to see how other bloggers "do it all," and it's been great to see how you spend your time. Thanks for sharing!