Monday, April 4, 2011

Pros and Cons

Pro:  The other day, when my brain had stopped functioning and I could not take school and responsibilities and note-taking and job worrying and work doing for another second, a text to an out-of-work-early Joe resulted in my being immediately picked up, hugged, delivered to a bar at 2:30 in the afternoon where a beer and a French Dip sandwich were placed in front of me as we watched the Yankees home opener while my last class of the day went on without me.  It's nice to have someone to take a life break with.

Con:  Later the same day, he called for me.  Asked for nail clippers.  I brought them.  He proceeded to flip over and attempt to remove the dead skin from the bottom of his feet.  That is disgusting.  Must you do that on my bed?  Our bed, he reminded me.  Yes, fine, but I think we can both agree that is my side.  Also, I found one of his discarded socks in my school tote bag.  The likely result of his taking it off and throwing it from the couch without looking where it lands.  Then when we do laundry and he has 18 partner-less socks, he seems confused.  Where do they go?  They're in my bag.