Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Looking Forward

I ordered my graduation announcements yesterday.  Also, did you know it is April?  Graduation is 46 days away.  My first final is in 25 days.  I am typing this without cursing out loud.  That is quite impressive.  I quit my job at the store half-officially, meaning that I will no longer be on the schedule, but if the manager is desperate for someone to cover a shift, she can still call me and see if I can cover.  Luckily, working two jobs feverishly for the last 3 1/2 months means I think I have saved enough money to get me through a summer of studying for the bar exam without working.  I hope so. 

This past weekend was the first time I've had an entire weekend off in I don't know how long and I spent it in a charming pre-war apartment in Queens being hosted by an equally charming Italian gentleman who prepared dinner and brunch feasts in honor of our slumber party.  I'm very fortunate to have a very tight group of college buddies who make it a point to get together every couple of months or so for slumber parties and tons of food and maybe a drink or two.  Being reminded regularly that you are adored by people you likewise adore is always worth the trip. 

There is a blissful 15 day window approaching during which I will be done with finals but not yet graduated.  Fifteen days of wide open days with nothing I have to do and nowhere I have to be.  I intend to get there.  Then maybe I will have something to discuss other than Joe, being busy, and things related.  Let's all look forward to that.


Kelsey said...

O.M.G. You're almost done! That is SO exciting! I still want to come up to visit and see your city, but want to work around your schedule, of course. When is this 15 days of bliss?? Maybe we could work in a day or two then?

SG said...

I'm just glad this whole 'law school' thing is almost over. It has really cut into your sara time.

P.S. my super-sleuthing skills are getting better by the hour so we should hang out again soon - you just never know when I will be called upon to go undercover and save the U.S. from hostile enemies...you know how dangerous those Nordic countries can be.

Christina said...

Sara, my love, the first rule of being an FBI agent? Don't talk about being an FBI agent. Seriously though, I think you'll be a really good secret agent. I fully support this idea.

Christina said...

Kelsey, in Philadelphia we are known for liberty, cheesesteaks, and cream cheese. Needless to say, you are in for a good time. Can't wait!