Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Would Appreciate It Very, Very Much

Update:  So it's not quite as perfect as I pre-decided but I still want it.  The interviewer was very hard to read, so I have no idea how it went.  Won't know anything for probably about a month.  Just keep focusing all your efforts on sending the majority of your goodwill towards me until future notice.  Great, thanks!  Really, though, thanks for all the well-wishes and happy thoughts.  I owe you. 
Today at 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time, I have a job interview for a job I really, really want.  I usually just roll with things.  I believe there is a plan for everything and what will be, will be.  But I really, really want this job, so if the plan could be that I get this job, that would great.  Also, a relief. 

Oprah says you have to speak your desires, so: I want this job. 

If you could maybe spare some good thoughts around 11:00 am EST, that would be lovely.  It couldn't hurt.  And if you are reading this after 11:00 am EST, well, think some good thoughts anyway, because it is very possible they will not make a snap decision at the immediate time of my interview.  I make a good first impression, but even I cannot convey everything I am simply with good hair.  Your thoughts will help.

Thank you for your time.


Kristin said...

Good luck with the interview. You'll be getting some good vibes from over here!

d&D said...

sending vibes....good ones!!