Monday, April 18, 2011


Ever since I quit working at the store, I heart Mondays.  I only have one class and it doesn't start until 12:40 which provides ample luxurious morning time.  I'm out by 2:30 and the rest of the day is mine.  It's pretty glorious.  I bring you Monday of the last week of classes:

10:45(!) - out of bed

11:00 - the highlight of every morning.  Dark Magic (because it is both) coffee brewed by my Keurig, otherwise known as the best investment I ever made, with organic agave nectar and half & half.

11:15 - my view from the couch of Joe preparing breakfast while I sit and sip

11:30 - breakfast delivered to my lap.  Scrambled eggs with freshly chopped chives, mushroom and onion, a side of freshly diced new potatoes browned in olive oil and whole wheat toast.  I think I'm going to keep him.

(Side note: another reason I'm going to keep him: yesterday my phone got wet in my gym bag as a result of a leaky water bottle.  It was in horrendous condition and my house was filled with the sounds of my cursing.  I couldn't turn it off, it was randomly calling people, I couldn't access the camera, the screen would randomly go completely green, etc.  I tried using a hair dryer but nothing I did worked.  Joe took it from me, took off the back cover, took out the battery and Sim card, and buried the phone in rice.  Took it out the next morning and it's good as new.  Apparently, a magic trick for wet phones (see step 8) that has a pretty good chance of working for you too, should you ever need it.)

12:40 - two hours of Business Organizations.  More coffee comes with in a travel mug.

3:00 - gym.  Today was 42 minutes (because 40 seemed too short but 45 seemed harsh) on the elliptical followed by weights concentrating on bi's and tri's.

4:00 - Home for a quick shower and lunch (tabouli salad and a banana with peanut butter).

5:00 - Library.  Finals are only a week and a half away after all.  I resist buying my third cup of coffee for the day. 

10:00 - Home.  Very late dinner of left-over lentil soup made yesterday accompanied by TV watching before bed.