Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Successful Manipulation of My Feelings

The first car I ever loved was an SUV.  My dad passed down his Pathfinder while I was in high school and I adored that car.  When I returned home after my first year at college in New York, I did not cry when I said good-bye again to my parents or my brothers.  The tears came when I had to say good-bye to my Pathfinder.  That is slightly ridiculous, but the point is, I loved that SUV very, very much. 

When I graduated college and needed a car again, I did a ton of research and settled on a Civic Hybrid, which my mom helped me buy.  I am not in love.  The gas mileage is fantastic and it serves its purpose getting me from point A to B, but I was SUV-spoiled.  I don't like being so low to the ground, I miss being up high on the road.  I don't feel as safe in a little car and I definitely miss the cargo space. 

But I do feel really, really good about the idea of driving it.  My guilt over driving anything else will not let me go back.  My feelings are summed up in this commercial, which makes me want to weep a little.  I have been driving my hybrid for almost five years now, though, and not once has a polar bear hugged me.  I gave up my SUV and I want my polar bear.  It's only fair. 


Kelsey said...

I forgot to say this when I read your post a few days ago... but what about a hybrid SUV? Is that an option for you? Some friends of ours have a Highlander, and love it. They get Polar Bear hugs every day. In San Diego, no less. It truly is amazing.