Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One More Reason I Love Winter

Is there anything better than waking up on a Wednesday morning, smack in the middle of a stressful, lots-to-do week, peeking from under the covers out the window to see furious snow fall, reaching out a hand to grab the cell phone, blurrily finding the emergency closure number for school, dialing, waiting, only to hear the most glorious words ever spoken: "Today is Wednesday, January 26, 2011.  Due to inclement weather, the law school is closed"?  And on top of that, you already got someone at part-time job #1 to take your hours today because you knew you had too much going on this week?  There is not. 

No one ever got out of anything because it was sunny and mild every day, all day, forever and ever, is all I'm saying.  Boring.  Where's the sense of possibility?  Where's the I have to stay in bed today and drink hot coffee and make hot soup and watch daytime TV and wear thick socks?  I have to.  There is nothing else to do, nowhere I can go. 

There are so many productive things I could do with this gift of time.  I will likely do none of them.  That's how snow days work.  I am going back to bed. 

Stay warm and safe, please. 


chickster said...

You're trapped inside, the power's out, the roads haven't been paved because the snow is 3ft deep and there's a serial killer somewhere in your house looking for you. Perfect setting for a horror movie. Snow + trapped = my nightmare.

Christina said...

Not trapped, the power is not out, the roads have in fact been paved, and if there is a serial killer lurking somewhere he'll be stopped in his tracks by the aroma of the delicious potato and spicy sausage soup I made, he'll sit and have a bowl, we'll talk about what made him a serial killer and he'll reveal his lousy childhood, we'll bond and he'll vow to stop killing. Snow = the world is now a better place.