Monday, January 24, 2011

Good News!

I got a part-time job at a great law firm that practices the kind of law I think I might want to do.  The pay is awesome and the experience I think will be amazing.  There are no guarantees, though, that this will lead to a job after graduation.  It's a small firm and they're not looking to expand right now, but there are promises that they will introduce me to people and help me to network and find my place.  I'm hoping for the best. 

I am going to try to keep my part-time job at the children's clothing store as well.  I think it's a lot to manage but I'm really worried about having enough money to get me through this summer.  Everyone who knows about these things is advising me that working while preparing for the bar is a bad idea.  So ideally I'll have enough money saved to get me through the bar exam.  Which means working every job offered to me. 

For those that don't know, the standard post-graduation schedule for a law school grad is to spend the summer studying your ass off for the July bar exam and then you start working full-time in August or September.  You find out if you passed the bar usually in early October and then you continue very happily with your life.  Right?  Lawyers?  That's what happens, right?  Until you open your bakery

I am very excited about this opportunity, though, and also very grateful.  It can only lead to good things.  Yay!


Kelsey said...

Congratulations!! This is fantastic news. It sounds like a great start in your new career, hopefully your experience there will lead to a full time job somewhere you enjoy working. Yay!

So, where do you imagine this bakery being located? I must try this chocolate cake of yours, but hopefully sometime before your bakery opens!

SG said...

Please supply the name of this law firm, as I wish to contact them and kindly suggest they connect you with as many people as they know in the city. I am willing to include Long Island - I know, sometimes my generosity knows no bounds.

D&D said...

can't you just represent a bakery?