Thursday, January 6, 2011


The new apartment has lived up to my expectations.  I love it.  This place is the most home I've felt since I actually left home.  I feel settled here.  For the first time, there are framed family photos on the walls, bookshelves filled with personal effects, and although the place is a work in progress due to my limited budget and need to get more creative with what I can do with a rental, I love the little home I've created here. 

Except the bedroom.  The room feels incomplete.  I cannot find enough budget-friendly things I love for the walls and I think the room is suffering largely due to the lack of a headboard or proper frame for my bed.  I am still rocking the original, ugly metal frame that was delivered with the mattress and have not even deigned to adorn the thing with a proper bed skirt.  Shameful.  But have you checked out how unbelievably expensive headboards are?  $250 for a piece of plywood with some upholstery attached?!?  Ridiculous!  And yes, I know I could make my own, but let's all move on. 

So I am exploring other options but I need a second opinion. What do we think of decals?  I cannot decide.  Would it look too temporary and budget-friendly?  Or does kinda cute and clever win out? 

Please leave your thoughts.  Surely, you had nothing more important to do today.

Regardless of where we land on the headboard, I am kinda loving the idea of the grandfather clock in the living room.  In charcoal.  Clock sold separately.

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D&D said...


why not get a wood dowel and hang a lovely piece of fabric behind your bed as a faux headboard? a nice way to add color and pattern.

i hate decals.

Christina said...

You have very strong feelings about this.

chickster said...

I'm a fan of the bed decals, but not the clock.

d&d said...

they have been the bane of the decorating community for years to come in my opinion. some other ideas:

LWhits said...

ack NO decals!