Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm moving in eleven days and I could not be more excited.  It's time for this girl to be on her own again.  No more roommates for me unless they be of the male and committed variety. 

I've adored every roommate I've ever had but there is something to be said for drinking milk right out of the carton, knowing we're out of clean spoons before you pour a bowl of cereal, watching TV until all hours of the night, and having complete control of the thermostat - a way of life I got way too used to in the two years after undergrad and pre-law school. 

I'm excited to make a little home for myself again.  Invest in some (pre-owned/cheap) furniture and home decor simply because I love it.  Be able to walk into my own space and take a deep breath. 

Eleven more days.