Thursday, October 28, 2010

Best Card Ever

On the front is a lady double-fisting huge glass of wine.  Her boobs are a bit low-slung but otherwise she seems like my kind of lady.

Inside it says: "On Halloween Wynona Sara and Christina figures out a way to keep from eating too much candy."

Then this hand-written note:
"Dearest lovliest Christina,

I hope you have a halloween befitting of your royal, regal perSonality and fabulous [something scratched out] sense of style.  Sorry for the mistakes.  I've been drinking for several hours.

Love you!

What I so appreciate is the dedication to keeping up with her correspondence despite inebriation.  Also, that the card was about drinking and she wrote it out while drinking.  I like a girl who commits to a theme.

This really says so much about the company I keep.  Thoughtful, willing to flatter, polite, and ever so slightly drunk.

I love you too, Sara!


SG said...

I'm impressed that my handwriting was still legible. No clue what I was writing that had to be scratched out. I did exaggerate a little...I had only been drinking for an hour or so and stopped shortly after writing out the card. It didnt seem write to send grandma a card that I had written out with the help of bud light.

Christina said...

I like to think you stratched out "ass" but then hadn't had enough Bud Light to be quite so forward.