Sunday, November 29, 2009

She's Okay

About 3 (4 maybe) weeks ago, roomie Lauren had a bit of car accident. She hydroplaned on some wet leaves and crashed into a couple of trees. And thus began 3 weeks of being carpool buddies until she went home for Thanksgiving and drove back with a new(ish) replacement car. I didn't mind driving her around, I kind of enjoyed it since I like her and it meant having a buddy almost everywhere I went.

About a week after the accident, she borrowed my car ("Can I borrow your car?" "Please don't wreck it. We're down to just this one.") and went to the tow yard to get her things out of her totaled car. She took some pictures of the damage and showed me when she got home.

Now she had told me the car was totaled but I thought she might be exaggerating a little for dramatic effect. How bad can it be if she just slid into some trees going 35 mph?

See? Not so bad. Sure the airbags deployed but the interior cabin wasn't even damaged. Doesn't look so bad. Lauren, really, I think you might have overstated...

HOLY SHIT! Are you okay? Are you sure it doesn't hurt? Really? You're okay? Where did the front of your car go? I see your car is a V6. Oh and that looks like a headlight. Or maybe the engine? Can I hold you and rock you while we both silently cry? Holy belooza. That does not look good.

Luckily, she survived, although if you just saw the picture and not the girl, you might have your doubts. Not a scratch on her except a slight burn on her arm from the airbag going off and a bit of a seatbelt bruise. She's okay. And she has a replacement car so she's good to go. But I'm going to miss my little carpool buddy. I'm really, really glad she's okay.