Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm having writer's block. I got nothing. Nothing to write about. Nothing really going on this week. Just my internship. Oh hey, there's something. Did I tell you I'm doing an internship this semester? I'm working for a trial court judge in Chester County. So, yep, there's that. Yep. That. And there's school. Nothing going on much there either. It's going fine. Lauren deferred last year so she's starting her first year and she's in her room every night studying her ass off. I'm usually watching TV. I have priorities. Oh hey, speaking of TV, why are there like three channels of good stuff on Wednesday nights and NOTHING on Monday nights? Why is there never anything good on Monday nights? What do the networks think we're doing on Monday nights? A whole shitload of nothing, networks. PUT SOMETHING GOOD ON!

Let's see, what else? Oh, Joe has had a string of bad luck the last 3 years, forever months and just recently, in the last two weeks, all the shit he was dealing with suddenly seemed to resolve. All the weight and stress has been lifted off of his shoulders and it's like I'm dealing with a completely different person. I mean, he's downright chipper. It's kind of freaky. I'm used to him being sort of a miserable SOB, to the point that even his tone would just drip with disdain, and exhaustion and misery and I would say, "Dude, what is with your tone?" and he would say, "what tone?" and I would say, "that tone," and he would say, "I don't know what you're talking about" and I would say, "seriously, what is with the tone?" and he would say, "I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING TONE!" and honestly, we had that conversation A LOT. But lately, it's like he has his life back and everything is all sunshine and rainbows and he's acting like his shit is pink. He deserves some happy and I'm so glad it seems like his time has come. THANK GOD. So that's awesome. Really, really awesome. Yay!

Also, my mom has informed me that her assistant now reads this blog. Hi, Amanda! My mom says we're not allowed to swap stories about her, but if you need to write a guest post so you can get it all out of your system, you just let me know. Oh by the way, she also told me that you will be the one informing her of what's going on with me because "it's not like I'm going to read this everyday." I feel the love. It's a good thing I like her. Also, she should give you a raise.

This is rather long for being about nothing. I gotta go, someone's about to be eliminated from Top Chef. Lauren is still studying. She better knock it off soon, I'm starting to think something's wrong with my method.

Update: She just came out of her room and started unloading the dishwasher I haven't bothered to touch all night. Seriously, who the hell does she think she is? Geez.


JamesBluntCanSuckIt said...

Don't forget to tell your mom I'm really looking forward to the nursing book whenever I get pregnant - can't wait!