Monday, September 21, 2009


Today I made my life more complicated. I now have a part-time job. So to recap: I'm in law school, work three days a week as an intern for a trial court judge, am on the board of the Pro Bono Society and am co-director of our Know Your Rights program, and I now have a part-time job. This new addition to my schedule was completely necessary as I have been completely reliant on student loans, which only go so far, if "going so far" is synonymous with going nowhere. I have no idea how or when I will study or do homework, but on the bright side, this job is not in any way law related. Thank goodness. I am also concerned about when I will have time to go to the gym. Luckily, that will probably no longer be an issue since I will most likely not have time to eat. But mostly, mostly, I am concerned about how this will affect my TV watching, since I have a rather robust fall line-up beginning this week and I cannot neglect my hobbies. They're called priorities, people. Also, I'm a little concerned that this new job means that there is not a single day during the week that I can get away with wearing sweatpants or just jeans and a T-shirt all day. I have entered a phase in my life that requires decent clothing and, quite frankly, I am deeply uncomfortable with this development. To illustrate, my usual outfit for the day decision-making goes like this: 1) jeans or sweatpants?; 2) Fordham or Villanova T-shirt?; 3) Old Navy or J. Crew flip-flops? Done. But now there is not a single day during the week that doesn't require decency. That is unsettling. Hopefully though, this job will mean more money which will mean less stress. It will also be a welcome relief to do something that does not require a book or a computer or a legal theory or a hypothetical situation with no answer or hours upon hours of mind-numbing consideration that only leads to the only answer that exists in law school, which is "it depends..." That is definitely a good thing. Even if it does mean I miss an episode of Grey's every now and then.

Update: Apparently nowhere in the above did I mention that the new job is working at my favorite children's clothing store in a shopping center about 2 miles from my apartment. So I get to play with kids and look at adorable clothes and there is little to no chance that I will blow my paycheck on things for myself. In theory. It's also possible my unborn children will have complete wardrobes years before their births.


Anonymous said...

did i miss the part where you said what you did and where you work for your part time job?

LWhits said...

exactly, what the heck is the job?