Monday, May 12, 2014

Nope, Not Yet

Hey, you know how in 2008 banks apparently passed out mortgages as if they were a free gift with purchase when you opened a checking account?  Yeah, they don't do that anymore.  At least, our bank doesn't.  Holy cripes, this is taking forever.  More documents and more documents and the appraisal has finally been scheduled and we finally got the appraisal back and now we're sending everything to the underwriter and oh, hey, now we need more documents. 
We made the offer on the house 7 weeks ago and according to our contract, we should be closing in two weeks.  The bank is not concerned about this.  We just extended our lease another two weeks until the end of June because, yeah. 
I am not annoyed at all. 
In the meantime, we are slowly but surely organizing and packing and sorting and donating and throwing away.  Oh my goodness, I love love love to get rid of things!  We haven't used this particular cup in the last 3 months, so I'm going to donate it, cool?  Did you just feel the same rush I did?  The utter giddiness of less crap. 
I am also super excited to finally get out of here and actually unpack and use all of our wonderful wedding gifts.  Most of them are still in their boxes, either stacked in the corner of our dining area or in my cousin's basement.  I don't even remember most of what we got.  It's going to be like getting them all over again!  There's been a lot of "should we donate our old dishes since we got all new ones?"  "We got dishes?"  "Yeah.  At least I'm pretty sure we did."  "Did we get new glasses too?"  "Uh...I can't remember." 
There's also been a lot of Joe randomly yelling, "WHEN ARE WE GOING TO CLOSE?" every time this tiny apartment annoys him, which is a lot. 
This process is wearing on him.  I thought I was going nuts living in this apartment, but now that we're finally almost out, Joe is slowly leaking crazy.  He works near the new house and apparently he's been taking an alternate route home occasionally to drive by, just to you know, check on it. 
"The 'for sale' sign is finally down."
"They need to mow the lawn."
"They still need to mow the lawn."
"So how did it look today?"  "Occupied."
In other news, in a couple weeks, I'm going to Ireland with my mom and my cousin Windy as a 60th birthday celebration for my mama.  I'm taking two glorious weeks off work and we'll be gone for 9 days.  My secret wish was that we'd be able to close just before I left and Joe would get stuck moving and painting while I was gone.  Unfortunately, it looks like that won't happen and we'll close after I get back and I will have to help. 
This whole situation is all sorts of bullshit. 


SG said...

I hope you guys ran this whole moving thing by Lily first or all of this is for nothing.