Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Apparently, even when you're a big ol' scaredy cat, the currents keep on moving.  The house we're buying has only been on the market for ten days, but has had 3 offers and tons of interest.  We live in a decidedly buyers' market, but a lot of the homes currently on the market are older homes that need a lot of work.  These "done" houses go fast even in this market.
We want to get this thing locked down so the sellers will stop showing the house for "back-up offers" and there's no chance someone swoops in and beats our offer. 
Luckily, the sellers seem to be on the same page with us and they asked us for a quick inspection date.  They want to get this thing locked down too so they can start focusing on buying their new house.
Which means, by some aligning of the stars, the inspection is already happening tomorrow.  Assuming that goes well and there are no issues, we'll move on to the contracts. 
I've been looking around our apartment lately and have realized I want to move almost nothing.  Most of our furniture are Craigslist or thrifted finds or Ikea items bought solely because they were cheap and functional.  They have served their purpose but I'm ready to graduate our taste and create our home with items we truly adore. 
I'm holding myself back from getting too excited and mind-decorating, but despite my best efforts, those rooms are filling my thoughts as I fall asleep.
Let's hear it for no termites!