Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Day of My 20s

I woke up late.  My husband made omelets and coffee.  I lounged around in my pjs for a while.  Joe left around 12:30 as he does every football Sunday to spend the day with his buddies.  I watched TV until I finally got around to taking a shower.  Curled up in my favorite robe and watched more TV.  Folded laundry.  Got dressed, dried my hair. 
Left the house.  Got gas, went to the ATM, went to Marshalls and bought a new pair of shoes to wear with my new birthday dress, went to the dollar store to buy gift boxes.  Then went for a mani/pedi and splurged for the 10 minute foot massage add-on and then decided to splurge some more on a 10 minute chair massage while my nails dried. 
Next, the grocery store to buy all the ingredients for Christmas Day dinner.  Then stopped for some take-out for dinner.  Back home.  Put away the groceries.  Washed the breakfast dishes.  Opened the fridge and the rail that goes across the bottom shelf in the door randomly fell out, crashing various bottles of condiments onto the tile.  Cursed a lot.  Cleaned that up.  Ate dinner.  Finished wrapping Christmas presents.  
Had a cup of tea.  Tweezed my eyebrows.  Watched Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Joe came home.  Watched a movie.  Went to bed. 
Woke up 30.