Friday, October 18, 2013

Tired. So Very Tired.

At the law firm where I work, there are several departments, each specializing in a different area of law.  Each has its own attorneys and its own support staff.  In my department, the attorneys are me, another full-time associate, one part-time associate, and a partner.  Almost three weeks ago now, the other full-time associate in our department got ordered to bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy.  So my life just got super crazy.  As in, has it been 3 weeks already?  Because I can't see straight and time has lost all meaning.
She had more than a full client load, and turns out, this is so crazy, but when an attorney has to deal with their personal lives, clients still want someone to appear in court with them and respond to their e-mails.  What the what?!?  I've been in triage mode the last few weeks, just making sure court appearances are covered and e-mails are answered and phone calls are returned and depositions are taken and discovery is produced and letters are signed and settlement offers are made and so on and so forth. 
The good news is that maybe she'll be back by March-ish.  I am already planning my vacation.  In which I do nothing but sleep and stop mumbling to myself.
Seriously, the mumbling to myself.  The thinking out loud about what I need to do and who I need to call and practicing for the next court appearance.  Joe actually walked in while I was in the shower the other day to ask who I was talking to.  Just myself, babe.  You're just witnessing me going slowly insane.  No big deal.  Close the door behind you.
It didn't help that last week I was fighting a major cold and Joe was home for two days with a fever and we had to decide whether to renew our lease again and we finally had to break down and buy a new (used) car for Joe because the car sharing and logistics of it all was finally too much even though the extra expense is stressful and I had a sob-filled breakdown one morning because I could not find my tights and so naturally I cried all the way to work.
This week is better.  I will settle in and get used to the chaos.  I'll get better at it.  One day at a time.


LWhits said...

You can do it! Stay organized and hang in there. Drop hints that you're super busy and sheesh wouldn't it be nice if the partner took up some of the slack as well!

Christina said...

Thanks Whits! xoxo